I’m Back!

It feels like forever since I posted anything but in reality it has been just over two weeks. Back to working on my novel.

I’m going to base it off the characters I have started here. Since my 5-week project has been completed I’m going to start over and do this how I want to.

I’m going to write this story. It will be at least a two book series. I have a chapter outline started. Feeling pretty good about this right now. It’s going to be about werewolves and vampires in a world that has access to earth but once there, almost impossible to leave.

My goal is to write at least ten pages a week if not more until the book is complete. I dont want it to be terribly long so hoping for around 200 pages and being done by October!

I will use the blog as an experimental writing place and post excerpts. I’d post the whole thing but it would get to be too long and I want to save some of the suspense for the novel. 😉

-Sarah D.