Finals and Life

I had a dream that all my comments/likes/follows were taken away from all my posts, I was devastated, all because I haven’t been on here in a while due to finals week. I guess blogging has become important to me at least at some subconscious level. Ok strike that I am consciously aware that I enjoy blogging. This world has become part of my personal life and honestly I never would have guessed that was possible six months ago when I started taking a Weblogs and Wiki’s class and began blogging for my first time.

We are short handed at work so yay I get to put in a 10 hr day. Bigger paycheck but my feet will hurt after this I think I need better shoes….anyways better get off here and get to town.

I cant wait to be done with college May 10th! Three finals down and three more to go…. 🙂
-Sarah D.