Fiction on blogs

While researching what Google has to say about fiction blogs, I came across an article with this quote that both spiked my interest and bothered me:

“Read non-fiction blogs for ideas as well. For your fictional blog to be successful, it ought to sound and feel like a regular blog. You can use the traditional elements of non-fiction blogs in creative ways to make your fictional work more interesting, but you must respect the medium, or it won’t work!”

The words “it wont work” bothered me. Why? Because if someone likes your writing, it shouldn’t matter if you utilize mediums of blogs or not. I’ve seen short posts, no links, no images, just a paragraph or two on a given subject usually something borderline controversal and this blogger received hundreds of comments both in support and a few against.

But I understand what the quote was initially getting at. Blogs have mediums for a reason, those aspects are there because they work in some way or another. I take a deep breath and consider it. Yes, it makes sense to use those mediums in writing fiction.

Thus far my fiction posts are basically short stories. I haven’t used any mediums/aspects of blogs besides comments generating feedback. I’m not sure what this would even look like in a fiction post for myself. I know some fiction bloggers will have their characters using separate blogs so they can comment on posts adding another layer of fiction such as iJames has on his blog here. A commenter becomes part of the story.

Another aspect of non-fiction blogs that I haven’t used in my fiction posts are links. I’m not quite sure how to use links at this point to keep in tact with the storyline. Ok maybe I have an idea. Perhaps this week’s narrator will be a character who is more tech-savy, someone who can steal another’s thoughts and place them online…My character, Ryker, will be perfect for this. (Either way it’s worth a try whether it works or not…next week I switch up characters up anyways.)

Linking to your blog from other social mediums seems to be a norm too (maybe I’m wrong?) I might start doing that with my twitter account it’s worth a try to generate a readership centered towards people who want to read in those areas I hashtag.

Lots of new things to consider this week. I wonder how others have tackled this?

-Sarah D. 😉