About the Blog:

Getting started: Each week I write from the perspective of a different character. You can find each section, starting with section one by Laura in the categories. Next take a look at the character profiles to get an idea of who is who throughout the fiction posts.

I will also have some research/review/author notes mixed in the process as I learn more about blogging.

This blog is about a pack of werewolves in northern Minnesota, their friends, and their enemies…Ryker has some interesting things to say, he more or less, is the writer of the story, you can find out more in his (section 4) notes but here is a snippet

Because of my abilities I’ve been able to steal memories from my werewolves. Of course I’ve had to filter a lot but every memory from the hardened hearts of these wolves is crucial to the arc of the story. They weren’t always the heroes, the warriors, the villains that they’ve become. They were just children, at first, that became something terrific in the end…”

This blog is part of a class project that I will be completing over a five-week process, starting the last week of March. This blog will consist of posts of either creative fiction or research. There will also usually be a weekly reflection post on my class blog if interested to see what has gone on week-to-week from a writers perspective. The reflection will document my process, what I found helpful, difficult, interesting… Your participation is part of my project, dont be shy, only some of my characters bite.

befunkyme.jpgAbout Me:

Hi! My name is Sarah D. and  I’m a country girl. I grew up in the backwoods of northern Minnesota so naturally I’m an avid hunter, camper, and love to fish and go horseback riding with friends. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. Anything outdoors I absolutely love. And what I love enters my writing.

I’ve always had a guilty passion for vampire/werewolves/magical stories and have always wanted to write my own. But in college sometimes this can be looked down upon…so I hid my passion for quite a long time. But here I am able to write freely, and fulfill a 5-week project for one of my classes. Win-win.

Right now I’m a full time student about to graduate in May, and also work at a local bakery because I ‘knead dough’ to pay for tuition. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again, soon,

-Sarah D.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Don Dahlheimer says:

    Here is my thought. Considering your timeline, your story flows well and thoughtful writing with good character development. Because this is generally not my genre of reading, it would have been helpful to provide background on the genesis of the respective WW and Vamp Clan. If one is learned in the way of either the Wear Wolf and or Vampire, then it is a moot point, but, perhaps one could draw a new audience with a fascinating creation of the respective groups. Enjoyed the stories and suspect you included some family characteristics:-). Love Uncle Don

    • SMD09 says:

      Thanks for your input, I’m pleasantly suprised you have been reading these posts uncle Don! Part of fiction is writing with what you know so I do use some aspects of my family as you can probably easily pick out but since its fiction I can take creative liberties although a fun world I’ve created here it’s true it’s all made up.
      Hmmm…maybe I will add in some back story to help new readers. I didn’t think of that before since I’m pretty well-read in the genre, good suggestion 🙂

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  3. […] “About Page” needed some beefing up, so I recently made some changes. Still need to add some more back […]

  4. SMD09 says:

    Alright guys, I updated this finally…still working on how to incorporate an interesting back story. Not sure how to go about this yet in a creative and informational way. I rather ‘show’ a story then ‘tell’ it…but I can see how it would be helpful here, I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

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