befunkyme.jpgAuthor Notes:

I usually do a weekly reflection on my class blog about this fiction blog but our assignment was a little bit different this week. We were to tour other classmates in place of our summary. I liked what I saw out there but also received feedback from three classmates.

My “About Page” needed some beefing up, so I recently made some changes. Still need to add some more back story, but don’t know how that should look yet.

Biggest problem with fiction blogs is organization.

Which I knew that from the beginning…thats why I originally wanted to write in a collage format so anyone could jump in anywhere and it would easy to pick up….But as the story ‘wrote itself’ it became chronological instead of collage–although there are jumps forward in time here and there it never goes ‘back in time’ unless in reflection of the past…

A new reader must start all the way at the beginning.

But I’m hoping with this new section written by Alex in their new homeland, that with the new setting, I could start over so to speak and try more of the collage style like I originally planned.

Also I can finally try writing with a young romance theme.


5 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Organization on a blog can be really tricky. I’ve found the categories option helps since you can do subcategories.

    One other suggestion, since you don’t have a ‘main title’, there’s nothing to click on in the reader to take someone directly to your post. (I had issues with this in my own post today). So I had to jump to your blog name and then work back to today’s post. Just a suggestion.

    I found your blog just a few days ago and am finding I really like what you’ve written. Keep it up and good luck with the writing=)

    • SMD09 says:

      Hmmm…I think it’s because I chose the ‘aside’ format which I’ve been doing with all my author notes since I wanted them to stick out from all the rest…I didn’t realize that meant it wouldn’t have a title up front to click on, I’ll have to go through and change all the formats back and just use an image or something instead to have them stick out differently. I’ll look into subcategories too didn’t know we could do that on here.
      Great suggestions you’ve shed light on very helpful information–I’m new to blogging and I appreciate your encouragement, thank you so much you made my day.

  2. rubentipparach says:

    This is really interesting. I like the werewolf/vampire theme to these romance stories, your blog is like a twilight spin off.

    • SMD09 says:

      uh oh…not twilight…theres no romance in here yet ruben lol. I know it’s the easiest thing to compare to in the genre but I’m trying to avoid any similiarities to twilight. I started writing this back in highschool before i ever read that series, which i do like, but not inspired by or thinking of while writing these posts 😛

  3. […] I started off the last week with posting about my observations after the studio tours and the reflection can be found here. […]

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