#1 Research: Starting a Fiction Blog + Gathering an Audience

What works and what doesn’t work when writing a fiction blog? First step I took was to take a close look at other fiction blogs and learn from their example. How did they organize their site? How did they utilize images? How long should a post be? Part of the blogging experience is to gain an audience. But how?

(*Note: Feel free to comment different ideas or conflicting opinions this research post is to generate ideas on what works and what doesn’t. My views are short sighted since I’m a beginner blogger)


When I first published my piece I got zero hits. I added tags, and presto, hits! Got some likes and a few comments. Life is good. Using tags was more of a learn by experience thing for myself. I searched WordPress topics under the tag names I used for my posts and saw how mine looked alongside others. Something I noticed right away is that pictures made a huge difference.


As I read through fiction blogs that I found interesting I noticed that organization either attracted me deeper into a blog or drove me away. If someone had 20+ chapters and I couldn’t find the first one, I had no desire to look deeper.

What I liked was when the fiction bloggers did a series of short stories and each post included a fraction such as orpheusfiction did on their blog using a 1/3 for the first, 2/3 or the second post, and a 3/3 for a third on their Fear of Dragon’s series.


I was especially drawn to posts that utilized images in different ways. Humor is always attractive, artwork is impressive, mysterious is nice. What didn’t work I thought were those that were tacky or didn’t relate to anything the rest of the post had to offer. I appreciate pictures that somehow illustrate beautifully what a piece is going to be about without being too obvious or too cutesy.


Now for length I am unsure. I found it was easier to read posts that are 300-500 words long, but my posts are usually quite lengthy being over 1000 words. Skimming is what happens all too often and that is why I bold good one liners of my piece in order to keep a readers attention onto key points, (maybe its distracting?)  Length, I guess, depends on who your audience is. If you’re a person who loves to read then a long post will be welcome over a short and sweet post that would have a reader begging for more.

Other Helpful Resources

I searched on google to find out what suggestions were out there for gathering an audience some of the suggestions I would have never thought about. Such as on this website I learned that there is a way to submit your URL to search engines I’m not quite sure how that works but that is an interesting idea that would reach a wider audience outside of the blogosphere. On a side note that website was called ’15 tips’ but only had ten so perhaps that isn’t the most creditable site to look at.

Or this article suggested to utilize different social medias such as facebook, or twitter, and advertise yourself so to speak.


A lot of it seemed to generate around the idea of connecting to other bloggers in any way shape or form. By linking, liking, and commenting on another’s blogs will attract those bloggers back to yours.

3 thoughts on “#1 Research: Starting a Fiction Blog + Gathering an Audience

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